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What to eat on a first date!

Lucky you, you’ve got a first date with someone you’ve been talking to from the site and you’ve planned to go for dinner. Chances are, as it’s a first date, you’ll be scrutinising everything – even down to where you go and what your date orders.

So based on our own experiences, we thought we’d have a little fun and put together a list of first date food choices and what they could say about your partner. Fun rather than factual, however, we think there could be some truth in this.
1. Ribs or Spaghetti: They don’t have any hang ups, are willing to take risks and are not afraid of looking silly. Someone who orders ribs or spaghetti on a first date is likely to be a confident person.
2. A margherita pizza: Plain and simple, just like your date perhaps? Ordering the most boring thing on the menu shows that your date could be quite a fussy character and not one for straying from their normal routine.
3. Tapas: A social person who enjoys adventure and likes to try new things.
4. Chicken nuggets and chips: If your date opts for ‘fast food’ or ‘freezer food’ on a first date, it could be an indication that they are quite childish by nature and lazy too. Likewise, if you order this on a first date, you’re unlikely to get a second.
5. French food: They are sophisticated, tasteful and enjoy the finer things in life.
6. Salad: Not only does it scream vain and make your date look high maintenance, it could also be a sign that they’re tight with their money.
7. Pub grub: Laid back, sociable, and fun. A bit of pub grub shows that your date doesn’t take things too seriously.
8. Garlic bread: They don’t kiss on a first date
9. Oysters/Asparagus: They go past first base on a first date.
10. Lobster: They’re paying!

Phew! Now that’s dinner de-coded all that’s left to do is to make sure you don’t any leafy greens stuck in your teeth or pasta sauce smeared around your mouth! We hope that’s given you food for thought for your next dinner date, but remember, it’s just a bit of fun so don’t take it too seriously!

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