We all love a semi; some facts about Croatia!

With the England v Croatia semi-final game looming, we thought you might find some facts about Croatia useful!

Impress your partner by saying “I love you” in Croatian – “Volim te”. (Probably not the best idea if you’re on a first date though!).

Put a spark into the conversation by telling them Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia.

Dubrovnik was known as the “Adriatic Pearl” in the early 19th century and was a filming location for “Game of Thrones” King’s Landing and Star Wars – certainly somewhere to visit if you holiday together!

Croatians had their own alphabet from the 12th to the 20th century. The Glagolitic alphabet was preserved only by Croats. Why not write a secret note for them to decode? The pen was also invented in Croatia, originally a mechanical pencil called the “Penkala”.

If you’re thinking of buying your date some flowers, know that the national flower of Croatia is the Iris.

If your date is a fan of musicals, they’ll be impressed to know that the island of Vis is used to portray Greece in the film ‘Mamma Mia 2’.

For a romantic getaway why not take your partner to Dalmatia? Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night was set there.

If you’re one for dressing smartly for your date, you can enlighten your date on the fact that the necktie was invented in Croatia.

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Read Some Of Our Success Stories!

Looking for your perfect match? These just go to show that it can work for you too! Good Luck!

1I contacted Dawn first after she said she’d ‘maybe’ like to meet me via the Encounters section. Our first proper date was the cinema. Dawn was sweet and had a lovely smile and sense of fun. We have since been bowling, out for coffee, dinner, pubs, a weekend in Tring and a holiday in Devon! In the future we hope to move in together, sharing our lives together with our children, marriage and getting 2 dogs for our seaside home! Keep persevering, I did, and now 6 months later I’m in a very happy relationship with someone who I love and who loves me for being me. Don’t rush everything on a first date, keep it fun and friendly!
Paul and Dawn

2We knew straight away that we had a lot in common and we shared the same sense of humour. The more we messaged each other the more we knew we wanted to meet up, so I asked Karen if we could meet up for a drink at a local pub. We clicked straight away, and the rest as they say is history! We are both very happy together and are moving in together in a couple of weeks! I joined the site because Karen messaged me and I wanted to message her back, but I’m so glad I did! We are both very happy together, very much in love and I would recommend this site to anyone!
Brian & Karen

3I first contacted Graham by winking at him. Our first date was a meal in a nice restaurant where we spent the whole night laughing. We did have a wee kiss but Graham was holding back, such a gentleman! In the future we have already organised a holiday, T in the park, we are going to a wedding and generally doing things as a couple. We never thought we would fall in love so quickly! The site definitely worked and we hope to inspire the other singletons out there. We are so happy together and can’t thank you enough for bringing us together. We see wedding bells!
Sam and Graham

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Unlikely Places to Pull

It’s no secret that the phenomenal growth of online dating has largely changed the way that we date – especially the way we meet those people. Of course, we all know the most obvious place to pull is You’ve Pulled; it’s fun, it’s convenient and it works! However, cupid can strike his bow at any time and sometimes it’s in the places you’re least expecting it. Read on to find out You’ve Pulled’s most unlikely places to pull…


The supermarket – It’s that age old cliché of going to the supermarket, reaching for the same bottle of milk or box of Cornflakes, only to lock eyes with one another in isle 6 and realise that you were meant to be. Maybe you’ll think twice about popping to the shops in your jogging bottoms and hoody next time.

The gym – Ok so sweating like a pig and hanging off the treadmill is hardly the first place that springs to mind when you think about meeting your potential partner. However, at least you’ll know that your date takes pride in what they look like. Also, anyone you meet at the gym will have seen you at your worst already so things can only get better; and that, in our eyes, is always a bonus!

The office – One of the main reasons singles struggle to find the time to date is due to long work hours and hectic schedules. However, what if your love interest has been standing right in front of you the whole time – at the photocopier or by the water cooler? Dating someone you work with can be a bit tricky so just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself in to.

Public transport – There’s nothing remotely exciting about public transport. In fact, public transport really just serves a way of getting from A to B. However, while you’re going about your boring daily commute there’s plenty of other people doing exactly the same thing. So next time you’re on the platform, clutching your over-priced coffee, have a scout round the platform and see who catches your eye! You never know, your next journey could be an exciting one. Next stop, lovesville!

Walking the dog – Want to know where you can find a caring, loving and down to earth soul? Try your local park- a great place to meet fellow dog walkers and bond over your shared passion for pooches. Allow your common ground (your dogs) to play cupid and start up conversation, then take things from there. NB: Dog required!

Have you ever found love in an unlikely place? Or are there any random places that you think would be great for meeting eligible singles? We’d love to hear from you so leave us a comment below.

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Happy Dating

The You’ve Pulled team

Success Stories!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!

adc583f34f17756a16b7fb3644adbc03_originalI decided to take the plunge and try internet dating, as it seemed the way people are meeting nowadays.  I am so glad I did as in October I met Samantha, the most wonderful lady. Having tried other dating sites without success I cannot thank you enough. Samantha has made my life complete and was a missing piece to the complicated puzzle that life is. All those emails and phone conversations came together to form the complete picture and now both Samantha and I are on the path of true love. I urge people not to be skeptical of online dating, as I was apprehensive at first because that special person is waiting. With an honest and detailed profile and an open mind your whole life can change in a click on the mouse, as mine has done. – Kevin and Sam.

4ddd99e175565c9d0a5fbd06ecdfa31a_originalMaria and I met on the site and everything is going great. We are so happy that we have found each-other and without your website this just would not have been possible. I first joined the site as my wife left me and I wanted friendship hoping for more. I found the site easy to use then one day I got a wink from Maria. After chatting online for hours we met the next evening and hit it off straight away. It’s been nearly 2 months now and we have fallen in love. I know the future will be wonderful ad I hope people using this site don’t give up. There is someone for everyone. – Chris and Maria.

06cdc75ee6e7c5ff79a9291924579a7c_originalAfter a wink to Christine on the site we started chatting to each other, a few emails later and we quickly found that we had so much in common Christine is an amateur artist and I have my own art gallery; even our favorite holiday destinations match. I then asked to meet her for the first time. We spent the whole afternoon and evening together, walking and talking, enjoying lunch and coffees. We have already booked a holiday to our favorite holiday island, and we are planning our future together. Our deepest thanks! – Peter and Christine.

cd31d35e46ae2ffb48d88d0b84f56ed3_originalIf it hadn’t been for your site I would never have met any fiancee who I adore and love so much! After being on your site for a couple of months I eventually received a lovely message from my new partner. We spoke on the phone and then had a wonderful full day out together, enjoying a meal and a walk in the park getting to know one another. Since then we have hardly been apart and are extremely happy. We are planning to get married later in the year. Our families think its so lovely that we met and are so happy together. So we would like to let other people know that your site can be successful and bring people together. Thank you for everything. – Don.

So make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

Read some of this month’s success stories!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just prove that it can work for you too!

The pressure was really high leading up to the ‘first date’. We both felt as if we had so much to lose if for any reason the first meeting did not go as hoped. We had invested so much time writing, texting and speaking to each other on the phone it was like we knew everything about the other person. we were already such integral parts of each others lives. We quickly scheduled follow up dates and before we knew it seeing each other daily was a necessity. While it is all very fast nothing has ever felt easier and more natural. We have both truly found the person intended for us for the rest of our lives.

Cara & Paul

I joined the website on the recommendation of my mother! I spent a a couple of weeks looking around sending some messages, and creating a diary blog. The diary proved very popular as I was posting funny stories about myself. I received a wink from a lady named Jules and she was absolutely beautiful. I checked out her profile and thought ‘wow, this girl is stunning!’. We started to send emails, then used the instant chat facility. It was apparent very early on that we had a lot of fun together. She had me laughing ad smiling constantly, and I did the same to her. We swapped mobile numbers and soon found ourselves texting all day, every day.

Thank you for helping us get together.

Steve & Jules

Jay and I firs started chatting to each other during the Olympic closing ceremony, making each other laugh about how terrible the spice girls were. We then began chatting everyday thereafter for hours, before arranging our first date. We chatted on the site and knew almost immediately that we were right for each other so when it came to meeting on our first date there was no nerves or awkwardness between us. I chose to wear a black shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket, whilst Jay looked stunning in a green dress and killer heels! We’ve been together ever since (almost every day!).

Jay and Andy


We had both been members for a few months and had been in contact with other members without much success. Lesley contacted me and asked if I would like to meet (mostly, I think because I live nearby) one Saturday afternoon. We met in Plymouth center and did some shopping, took a stroll around the Hoe and had tea on the sea front. A lovely day and we have never really looked back since. For all that we live within 3 miles of each other. Without your service we would probably never met, very many thanks!

Keith and Lesley


So make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!