5 Sexy Fun Things To Try This Year

Whether you’re free and single, or coupled up in a romantic relationship, sex is an intimate experience that should be creative and exciting. If the adult fun activity has become boring and predictable, it’s time to reignite the spark. So read our 5 sexy fun things to try this year and learn some hot new moves for 2024.

  1. Master masturbation

There’s more to masturbation than sexually stimulating your genitals in private. Solo sex is the perfect way to learn new techniques, discover what turns you on, and to upgrade the way that you experience pleasure.

In 2024, prepare to let go of your inhibitions and the ‘masturbating is weird’ mindset, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-pleasuring and sexual liberation. Erotically exploring your body can help you relieve stress and tension, achieve intense sexual arousal, and reach orgasmic climax much quicker. Mastering masturbation can also improve your sexual confidence with a partner.

  1. Enjoy some sexual healing

While quickie sex can certainly be exciting and thrilling, there’s a lot to be enjoyed from the experience of slowing down the pace of intimacy. Having a long and lingering ‘we’ve got all the time in the world’ session can be mind-blowing and healing.

With no time limits, you can more deeply explore each other’s bodies and ask for whatever you like. Introducing a few tantric moves, like gazing into your lover’s eyes, engaging all five senses, and incorporating massage techniques heightens the intensity of the intimate encounter. The yab-yum full embrace, tantric sex position is also worth trying, if you want to feel truly connected to your partner.

  1. Have sense-ational sex

For an OMG sexual experience, make your senses work overtime by using props and sex toys that deprive one sense at a time. Slip a blindfold on to heighten the excitement of tantalising touch, or wear noise-cancelling headphones to upgrade the visual focus. You can also introduce hot and cold, and soft and hard elements to the sense-ational sex session.

It’s fun to experiment with a variety of accessories and gadgets, and to switch roles with your partner. Role-play fantasy games and kinky sex practices like BDSM will take your sexual experimenting to the next level.

  1. Reinvent your fave sex moves

Mix things up by putting a spin on your favourite sex positions.

Enjoy intimate privacy in the smallest room, while experimenting with slippery shower and sink sex. Or try standing doggie while you make out in a cosy walk-in wardrobe or cupboard. Modifying your fave tried-and-tested sex positions can even result in deeper penetration and multiple orgasms.

While alternating your sex moves, it’s also great to switch up the stimulation and to use your fingers, tongue and other body parts to arouse your lover. Give head-to-toe missionary a go, and sexy positions that activate a G-spot orgasm.

If quickie time is limited, using plenty of good quality lube will help you orgasm much faster.

  1. Hook up for NSA sex

On You’vePulled, you can instantly connect with hot and horny guys and girls that would love to hook up with you for naughty NSA sex. You can chat, flirt and date friendly singles from all over the UK.

If you’re not looking for the One, it can be a lot of fun to date multiple people at the same time. It’s always best to be honest and open about your dating preferences, and not to lead anyone on with empty promises. When you click with someone you fancy, on the busy mobile dating platform, let them know that you’re only interested in sexy fun. Don’t be surprised to find that your POI shares your point of view, as more and more singles are choosing to keep their options open these days.

Make a date, and hook up for a one-night stand with a sexy stranger that you’ve pulled. Practice your flirting and seduction techniques, and experiment with turn-on tactics that guarantee one-on-one pleasure.

Having a casual approach to dating, this year, will boost your chances of getting lucky and laid. And discovering what works best for your love life.



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5 Chat Topics To Avoid On A First Date

Couple on a first date

Before you embark on meeting up with the sexy stranger you’ve been flirting with and chatting to on the UK’s busiest phone chat line, it’s highly recommended that you consider your potential chat topics. What you chat about on a first date can greatly influence the perception of you that the other person gets, and lead to dating success or failure.

You’ll naturally want to impress your date with your personality, sense of humour, and communication skills. While it’s definitely a good idea to have a repertoire of chat topics, to ensure that the conversation is relaxed and flowing, there are some hot topics that are best avoided…

  1. Dating & Romance Failures

You’ve been busy chatting, texting and flirting with someone who caught your eye on You’ve Pulled’s instant and totally anonymous 24/7 chat line, and now you’re keen to get to know this person better. Exploring common ground and shared experiences is usually where most people start, when trying to build rapport and a connection with someone they like.

As you’ve met on a flirt and date chat line, it makes sense to talk about each other’s past romantic experiences. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with briefly mentioning previous dates who’ve been on, provided that it’s not an endless list. Going into detail and describing past first date disasters, and your impressive ability to pick losers, should also be avoided. Your date also doesn’t want to hear the horror stories and dysfunctional dramas about how crazy your ex was. Save the complaining for conversations with your friends.

A first date is a prime opportunity to get to know someone new without having to dredge up your entire relationship history. Focus instead on discussing your ambitions in life, and your bucket list.

  1. Money

Talking about money is superficial and can make people feel instantly uncomfortable and awkward. Money talk can give the impression that you’re financially motivated (not a good way), or label you a gold digger. If someone’s solvency status is important to you, check out your date’s clothes and grooming habits for hints and clues of their wealth.

First date banter should be light and fun, so swap a serious subject for a topic that makes you smile and laugh. Talk about your favourite comedy shows and movies, and share tales of funny experiences you’d had that will make your date laugh out loud.

  1. Controversial Stuff

There’s no quicker way to spoil the mood on a first date than by bringing up controversial matters like religion and politics. Everyone has unique beliefs and personal values, but a first date is not the occasion to explore these. To avoid having a heated debate, swerve these topics – unless you have a day job as a member of the clergy or a politician, and you have a juicy piece of hot gossip to share.

If you love controversy, talk about subjects that you know really well, and your unusual hobbies. Your date will find it fascinating learning all about something they’ve never experienced.

  1. Sex

If you’re been flirting outrageously on the UK’s busiest phone chat line, there’s a high probability that your banter has had sexual undertones. When you met in person for the first time though, it’s best to skip talking about sex. Talking about it increases the possibility of ending up in bed and having a one-night stand. If you’re keen on this person, that spur-of-the-moment experience may scupper your chances of a second date.

If you don’t want your date to run a mile, don’t chat about your promiscuous past, one-night-conquests and long list of sexual fantasies. Reserve the flirtation for your eye contact and body language, and talk about art, music, travel, and other things you are equally passionate about instead.

  1. You

Yes, it’s great that you’re awesome, super confident and have high self-esteem, but endlessly talking about yourself will make your date feel that you don’t really have time for anyone else. Listening to someone’s self-adulation quickly kills the conversation, and extinguishes any chemistry or spark that may have been igniting.

Create an air of mystery about yourself, and increase your date’s interest in you, by turning the tables and showing undivided attention. Make them feel special by asking thoughtful questions, and actively listening. By the end of your date, they will have a higher opinion of you than if you had babbled on for hours and made the conversation all about you.