5 Reasons Why Singles Have More Fun

For the first time in history, there are more single people than married couples worldwide. While being in love can be absolutely amazing, embracing the single life can offer you a richly rewarding experience too!

Society and popular culture may have you believing that you need to be one half of a couple to feel happy and whole. But it’s a myth that you need anyone to make your life joyous and fun. After all, you are the person in charge of creating your own happiness.

If you’ve been single for a while, and you’re not enjoying this lifestyle experience, perhaps it’s time to shift your perspective…

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  1. You Live And Play By Your Rules

As a single person, you do not have to answer to anyone, or to take responsibility for others. You have complete freedom to live your life by your own rules.

There’s no need to pretend that you want to do stuff, just to keep your partner sweet. It’s also not an issue how you choose to spend your time or money. You can eat the food you like, and enjoy activities that please you. Plus, you can have your own way all of the time.

To make your experience of single living more fun, consider trying new things that require you to step out of your comfort zone. Dare yourself to sign up for an evening class, a workshop, or sports activitiy that you have wanted to try out for some time. Join a local club or team, and explore your passion for a hobby. As you’re acquiring new skills and knowledge, you’ll also meet like-minded people who can become new friends that share your interests.

  1. You Can Focus On Your Career

More personal growth and development is available, if you’re single and your time is your own. In a relationship, it can be common for one partner to be more career-minded than their lover, which can often be a cause of romantic disharmony.

As a single person you can channel all of your energy into creative projects, building up a business, or advancing your career. No one will mind if you decide to work extra hours. You also don’t have to consider the needs of others, if you’re required to take a business trip. There’s no need to feel guilty simply because you’re putting your career first.

To balance out all of the overtime you’ve been working, you can enjoy social downtime with your co-workers, or mix and mingle with fellow entrepreneurs at networking events. You could even get lucky and connect with people who can open doors of opportunity in your business niche or line of work.

  1. You Can Expand Your Social Circle

People who are in a long-term relationship often make compromises that impact on their social life. One person’s insecurities may make their partner have to choose between hanging out with friends at the weekend or showing a commitment to love. Compromised relationship dynamics could also make you feel constantly under pressure to be on your best behaviour when making polite conversation with a partner’s friends or family members.

As a single person, you call the shots on your social life. You get to choose who you spend time with, where you go, and what you do for entertainment. You can stay in or go out whenever you like, and broaden your social horizons by flirting and chatting to a diverse group of people. And if you fancy hooking up for NSA adult fun, the experience will be absolutely guilt-free.

When you’re single, you have time to develop friendships on a deeper level, and to surround yourself with upbeat, fun and positive people who support your lifestyle choices. You get to choose who you want to invite into your expansive social circle, and you can spend as much time as you want with them.

  1. You’re The Boss

When you’re single and live on your own, your life is likely to be mostly drama free. There’s no bickering over trivial matters or fighting over the TV remote control, and no hurt feelings that you have to try your best to soothe. You’re the boss of your domain, and what you say goes.

If you don’t already have a bucket list, have fun creating a checklist of places you long to visit and experiences that you’d love to enjoy. Embarking on a solo adventure can teach you a great deal about yourself, and introduce you to a world that has no social limitations.

  1. You Know Who You Are

As a single person, your primary focus is your self. Spending time alone is greatly beneficial when learning how to love yourself, and exploring what makes you tick.

Having emotional space and freedom also means that you can develop your spirituality without the need to explain yourself. To know who you are at the core, it’s necessary to delve deep into personal matters that impact on your behaviour, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Once you connect with your authentic self, you will never want to compromise on anything. You’ll feel inspired to create a life that is uniquely your own based on your priorities, values, passions and interests. And of course, because your authentic self is so awesome, you’ll effortlessly attract your perfect love match, should you want one.