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Cliché Dating Advice

Dating comes with a whole bunch of clichéd phrases that we’ve all heard time and time again. Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship, the love interest you’ve been yearning after for longer than you can remember has moved on and settled down, or you’re 30 and still single, you’ll find that there is always someone (usually armed with a bottle of wine and two glasses) there to offer up some wise words of wisdom; so you can dust yourself off and get back on the saddle. Check out our top 5 most common pieces of advice and find out the true meaning behind them.

  • “There’s plenty more fish in the sea – How many times have you heard this one? It’s the classic line that usually gets used just after a break up. It’s usually around the same time that you utter the words ‘yeah but I wanted that fish’.

What it means: Ok, so it might not literally be about fish but the analogy is correct. Just like fish, there’s plenty more eligible singles out there. Just because it didn’t work out with this person, doesn’t mean you won’t find love again.


  • You’ll find them when you stop looking – The technology of finding someone these days may have advanced but the advice still sends mixed messages. Are they suggesting you’re desperate? Should you cancel your online dating subscription, stop going out and sit at home waiting for your phone to ring? Of course not.

What it means: Simply put, get out there, enjoy life, let go of the pressures of finding someone and just see what happens. It also means you can keep your You’ve Pulled subscription going!


  • Think positive and positive things will happen” – This phrase is probably the most ambiguous of all of the dating clichés out there. So technically, all you have to do is start thinking you’ll get a boyfriend/girlfriend and you’ll get one.

What it means: Positivity breeds positivity. Plus, things have a tendency to fall into place when you’re busy being happy.


  • You’re standards are too high – Are high standards ever a bad thing? Surely it means that you know what you’re looking for in a partner and you’re not willing to settle for anything less.

What it means: Perhaps you can afford to let your barriers down a little and give someone who isn’t usually your type a go. You never know, you may fall in love with someone you weren’t expecting to.


  • You were too good for him/her anyway” – This is a direct quote from anyone who has ever given advice to someone who has just gone through a breakup. It’s all well and good saying that now but why didn’t you tell me this sooner? You mean to say I’ve been wasting my time with some no-hoper for the last 2 years and you’re only telling me now?

What it means: Your friends and family love you. They think you’re fabulous. So while they may have loved your other half while you were dating, now that you’ve been dumped, they happen to think they’re a bit of an idiot for letting you go. It’s a compliment, take it!


We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any other dating advice that you’ve been given time and time again. Just leave a comment in the box below.

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