Dating In Glasgow

Dating In Glasgow


If you’re looking for love in Glasgow, it may be possible that you are struggling to obtain that all important second date due to placing too much pressure on yourself. When it comes to a first date, we can fret over what to wear, where to take our date, what to talk about and so forth. As a result, our panic and worries can come across as desperation or even in some cases, even being slightly weird, which will do nothing in enticing our date to join us for the all-important second date.

In order to obtain a second date, it is firstly important to calm down! Remember, you are not alone and your date is likely to be just as nervous as you are. Secondly, if you ensure to plan a fantastic date, you cannot go wrong and you will both have a great time, allowing you to de-stress and simply enjoy the night. Below are a few ideas for a great date in Glasgow for those who are stuck with their own ideas or who are simply eager to obtain a second date with the partner of their dreams.

You can’t go wrong with comedy and Glasgow is home to the Jongleurs Comedy Club, the number one comedy venue in Glasgow. This is a great way to break the ice and it will certainly give you something to talk about during the interval with a drink and on the journey home. Located next to the UGC cinema and Alea Glasgow Casino, you can really make a night of it with a refreshing beer and quick bite to eat at Brel after the comedy show, before hitting the slots in the casino and see if either of you get lucky. With so much to do in one location, you are both guaranteed to have a great night.

As one of the largest cities in the UK, Glasgow is filled with glamour, entertainment and a buzzing nightlife-ideal for those somewhat over-expectant dates. The Corinthian Restaurant on Ingram Street is the perfect mix of sophistication, fine wining and dining and stunning architecture. After a delicious meal from either the decadent lunch menu 2-course evening meal, why not venture to the Blue Dog at George Street for a round of delicious cocktails? This can be ideal location to round off your date or even if you have missed dinner, a place to meet up and unwind with one another after a long day at work.

Glasgow is also a great place to enjoy some fun and games, with a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities. The Science Mall at Glasgow Science Centre may not be for everyone, but is a stunning titanium crescent that overlooks Clyde. With a range of exhibits, cafes and shops inside, this could be a great place to spend the day together-especially if you both share an interest in science. For dates who are less enthused about science, the Science Centre is also home to the IMAX theatre, which shows a range of 2D and 3D films. This is a great date location for a rainy day-especially if the weather has dampened your previous plans. For a cheap and cheerful form of fun, why not take the time to stroll throughout Glasgow’s stunning city centre, filled with a mixture of old and new architectural buildings. With something to discover on every corner, you can enjoy people watching, sharing stories and stopping off for a quick bite, cup of coffee or glass of wine along the way.

Glasgow is a city of opportunity when it comes to dating with a range of restaurants, bars, clubs, activities and places in which to visit during your date. With so many fantastic places to choose from, you are guaranteed to have not only a great date in Glasgow, but have some help in terms of securing the illusive second date!

Dating In Bradford

Dating In Bradford


Although originally famed for manufacturing textiles within the 19th century, Bradford has quickly evolved into a buzzing, vibrant city that fantastically combines the old with the new. By utilising landmark buildings such as the Salts Mill, the city has been brought back to life, now recognised as a home of art, culture, history and technology.

As Yorkshire’s hidden gem, there are a vast amount of places to visit if you’re dating in the Bradford area. Whether you are fan of nature, breathtaking scenery or you prefer the nightlife Bradford has to offer; you will find a wide range of places that will help your date be successful or alternatively, help you find a potential new partner.

When looking for potential partners, many will often venture out to the many buzzing bars and clubs that Bradford has to offer. However, many of these establishments also make for a great date locations. Bradford is home to a number of great pubs, offering a wide range of guest ales and fine wines. The Symposium Ale and Wine Bar in Idle offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, both inside by the bar and in the rear ‘snug’ area of the premises. During the warmer months of the year, this also provides a great place in which to wine and dine in the outdoors. For a slightly livelier atmosphere, venture to the city’s most buzzing bar, R Bar, located at the Great Victoria Hotel. This bar is a great place to relax, enjoy a light meal and enjoy a drink.

Bradford is renowned for being packed full of culture, providing a myriad of interesting and artistic revenues for date ideas. Bradford has recently become the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, thanks to its rich heritage within the film industry. As a result, the city is filled with some great film related landmarks, including the National Media Museum which allows attendees to journey through time via photographs and video bites of some of the greatest TV programmes, plays and films on record. For avid film goers, there are also three film festivals help in Bradford throughout the year which could make for an impressive date, held between March and November. The city is also home to a number of galleries, museums and theatres which are ideal for cultured dates or those who want to try something a little different. However, always check the interests of your date in order to avoid disaster!

Being in close proximity to the countryside, Bradford has lots to offer in terms of breathtaking natural scenery, so why not enjoy a simple, relaxing date, such as a walk throughout the city or even up to the infamous Ilkley Moor? With a myriad of quaint pubs and cafes throughout Bradford, the world really is your oyster as you both stroll at your own leisure; stopping when the mood takes you, allowing the conversation to flow freely. While you stroll through the city, you may also come across the many markets held; offering a range of local produce-maybe a little memento of the day can be purchased here. However, if that is all a little too civilised for you, why not let the adrenaline pump at Bradford Kart Racing? Compete with one another for the ultimate prize- glory, or maybe even a cheeky kiss for the winner!

Bradford offers a wide range of fantastic date ideas for all couples of all ages, so no matter what stage in your relationship you may be; you will be guaranteed to find something that will help make it a truly great day. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning to help make your dating experience in Bradford a success!

Dating In Leeds

Dating In Leeds


With a population of over 440,000, Leeds is a great place in which to look for love. Studies show that an estimated 25% of the Leeds population is on the look out for a partner so by doing a little research and making yourself known in the dating world; it may not be long till you find your ideal mate. However, in order to be successful in your dating efforts, it is important that you choose some of the best and romantic locations in Leeds to impress your date and hopefully, land a second date!

If your date is someone relatively new to your life, you may struggle to know exactly what their likes and dislikes are. As a result, some of the ideas below may not be for everyone, but they will provide you with a gist as to what you could do for any pending date you have.

Enjoy the Architecture of Leeds
Kirkstall Abbey is one of the most historical and treasured landmarks in England, boasting some great examples of medieval architecture, wildlife and greenery. Not only is the abbey a stunning feature of Leeds, but it is also home to a number of exhibitions and entertainment shows throughout the year including guided tours of the abbey, Shakespeare performances and nature based activities, including Muddy Monkeys. For daytime dates, this is a great place to stroll hand in hand, taking the scenery and getting to know one another.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Farmer
Being in close proximity to the Yorkshire countryside, Leeds is close to one of the main events of the year, the Great Yorkshire Show. Held in July of each year, this is a great place to take a date if you’re looking for a somewhat casual yet fun day out. With livestock shows on every day, a luxury buffet lunch and Yorkshire afternoon tea and a fantastic atmosphere throughout the day, this is a typically Yorkshire day out that most dates will enjoy. However, this is maybe not the place to take high-heel loving women!

Embrace the Music!
Leeds is home to a number of great live music venues that play all ranges of music from jazz and flamenco, to rock and chart music. The Wardrobe, located at St. Peter’s Square, is a coffee house, come live music bar, come restaurant. Come relax and kick back with a delicious cocktail while you enjoy some of the live music that is presented every week. The performers here vary from week to week so it is beneficial to research into your date’s preferred taste in music before purchasing tickets. For a slightly different experience, venture to Carpe Diem, Calverley Street, for a great mixture of live music, live sporting events, great pub-style food and a fantastic atmosphere. This is a great place to for double or group dates as there is something to keep everyone amused.

Let Food Be A Conversation Starter
Like many other cities, Leeds is home to a wide range of fantastic and diverse eateries and restaurants. From traditional English pubs, to Thai, Mandarin, Italian and Indian restaurants; you are guaranteed to find a place to eat that you will both enjoy. For a touch of European cuisine, visit Kendell’s Bistro, located opposite the Leeds College of Music in the city centre. Owned by Yorkshire man, Steve Kendell, this decadent bistro offers some delicious French cuisine that is like no other in Leeds. For a truly wowing experience, visit Chino Latino, located on the 1st floor of the Park Plaza hotel in the city centre. If the stunning views of the city from your seat aren’t enough to astound you, the restaurant offers a combination of top-class Pan-Asian cuisine and a trendy Latin inspired cocktail bar. With an array of awards under its belt, this is a location sure to impress any date.

Leeds is filled with fantastic places to take your date which are not only guaranteed to ensure you both have a great time, but may also help promise you a potential second date. So, no matter whom your date may be or what their likes or dislikes are; you are guaranteed to find a myriad of ways in which to while away the hours together, get to now one another and potentially find love in the city. Need to find a date in Leeds then check out You’ve Pulled today.

Dating In Bristol

Dating In Bristol


As a dating location, Bristol is filled with a number of great places that will allow you to get to know your date, indulge in a little conversation and hopefully, sweep them off their feet. Whether it is your first date or one of many, you will find a myriad of options available that will help your date be a success which in turn, can help to establish a blossoming relationship.

You cannot go wrong with a bit of conversation and a nice tipple (unless of course, your date is tee total!). Browns located on Queen’s Road, features al fresco dining with a selection of over 30 different wines for the ladies and a number of specialty beers for the men. The great mix of fine dining and great atmosphere makes Browns a great location for a first date. Failing that, it is also known as a good location to meet new people so is worth a visit even if you are currently dateless. If you are eager to make a great impression or it is somewhat of a special date, try Byzantium, located on Portwall Lane. The Casbah restaurant here is home to a number of delicious, culinary delights, whereas the modern designed bar offers a great place to relax with a drink and enjoy a spot of conversation. One point to be aware of, this restaurant/bar has a certain dress code, so be sure to dress to impress.

For a sophisticated date, why not venture to the theatre? The Bristol Hippodrome is home to some of the best shows in the UK, so whether you are a fan of musicals, plays or even a spot of comedy, you are guaranteed to find a show that caters for you courtesy of the Hippodrome. The theatre also houses a few bars and is in close proximity to some great restaurants so you can really make a night of it. For a similar, but less sophisticated evening, Bristol is home to a number of great entertainment bars such as the Metropolis comedy club on Cheltenham Road that offers karaoke, cabaret and comedy shows, and the Living Room on Explore Lane, which is a modern, chic restaurant and bar that features live music and some of the best dishes in Bristol.

If you’re both music fans, Bristol is filled with places offering live music throughout the week. The Old Duke on King Street is renowned for its live traditional New Orleans inspired Jazz music but has recently started offering a range of blues and modern jazz music in addition. For concert lovers, The Fleece is Bristol’s largest independent music venue, hosting a wide range of live music and club nights. For metal lovers, there is The Gryphon, which is Bristol’s newest real ale and heavy metal pub. Located near Colston Hall, this is the ideal location for couples who love good ale and the chance to mosh out. Being relatively new, it is also a great place in which to meet new people who share similar interests to you. For double or group dates, why not head to Bristol’s newest club, 139 North Street, which has won two prestigious ‘Venue of the Year’ awards. Managed by club mogul Andy McCarthy, the club is not only home to some of the best songs of the moment, making for a great atmosphere, but there is also a great selection of food on offer too.

With a wide range of choices on offer, it will be almost impossible to not plan a great date in Bristol. Whether it is your first date or one of many, you will find a number of places in which to spend some time conversing, exploring, dining and maybe even romancing…

Dating In Edinburgh

Dating In Edinburgh


As the capital of Scotland, you can be sure that Edinburgh is a location that is packed full of history, culture, entertainment and a great nightlife. In fact, it is this myriad of positive points that makes Edinburgh a great location in which to date and potentially, find romance.

With a population of almost half a million people, Edinburgh is home to people of all walks of live. This ensures that no matter what your likes or dislikes may be, you are guaranteed to find someone who is perfect for you. What’re more, it also ensues that you will find a number of fantastic ideas for a first date which in turn, can help you achieve that all important second date!

Don’t Overlook the Natural Beauty: Whether you are born and bred in Edinburgh or new to the city, you will find a number of places to explore which can also make for great date locations. Arthur’s Seat consists of seven hills that overlook the city, offering a view of Edinburgh like no other. From here, you will overlook Edinburgh Castle, Old Town and the New Town. An ideal date idea for a Sunday which is guaranteed to work up an appetite, this can open up the opportunity to take your date to one of the many pubs you can find once your way back down, such as the Sheep’s Head. After climbing Arthur’s Seat, you will both more than deserve a refreshing pint!

Indulge In A Little Arty Culture: Being such a diverse city, Edinburgh is filled with culture, including the National Museum of Scotland and the many art galleries throughout the city, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the modern Fruitmarket Gallery, located on Market Street. For film lovers, the city is home to a number of commercial cinemas, showing the newest blockbusters. However, for fans of old movies, there is also the Cameo that shows both cult classics and new releases. From classics such as My Girl Friday and newer cult classics such as Tarantino’s Kill Bill, this is the ideal date location for film buffs.

Don’t Forget Festival Season! Edinburgh is host to a number of festivals every year which has helped to make it a popular tourist location. In order to take your date to one of the many festivals held you will need to do prior research, but with festivals held from April all the way through to Christmas, you are guaranteed to make it to at least one! From the Taste of Edinburgh food festival to the Jazz and Blues Festival and the annual Christmas festival, the city boasts an ability to cater for everyone.

Stuff Your Face With Decadent Foods: Home to a myriad of café’s, franchise restaurants and bistros, you cannot go wrong with a date in one of the city’s fantastic eateries. The Grassmarket, which boasts around 20 different bistros and restaurants, is the place for foodies. From small café’s such as Made in Italy, four pubs and some of the best bistros in Edinburgh including Maxies Bistro and Ristorante Gennaro; you will be spoilt for choice in terms of where to go for a quick bite. The Grassmarket is a great location for a date, as it also boasts a number of shops and forms of entertainment to enjoy before or after dinner.

If In Doubt, Do Nothing! Although a successful date can sometimes require thorough planning, do not overlook the benefit of going with the flow. Suggesting a relaxing stroll through the city or many natural landmarks is a great way in which to spend time getting to know one another, without the distraction of wondering what time it is and where you’ve planned to go next. This way, you can choose to eat when you feel like it and should the weather, the mood or the pace of the date change; you will have a myriad of options available that will ensure your date goes without a hitch. So for dating in Edinburgh check us out.

Dating In Cardiff

Dating In Cardiff


Cardiff is an exciting, vibrant city that over recent years has undergone dramatic change, helping to transform it into a more cosmopolitan location. As a result, it is the ideal city for those who wish to hang out in the many locations within the heart of the city, or relax by the bay for a serene and relaxing experience. Furthermore, the wide range of locations and activities available in Cardiff make it the ideal place for a successful date. So, if you want to make your date a little more exciting than a quick drink down your local, then Cardiff could help you find the romance you’ve been searching for.

During the hot summer months, Cardiff Bay is the ideal place for a great date. Whether you enjoy people watching or getting stuck into some adrenaline pumping action, the Bay has lots to offer couples. For a relaxing and romantic day or night date, how about a stroll across the beach, stopping off for a delicious ice cream or drink along the promenade. For dates in the warmer months of the year, the Bay is home to some great water sport activities including inflatable boats which although are not for the faint hearted, are a great way in which to enjoy some laughs with your date.

Although Cardiff is home to a myriad of great restaurants and eateries, don’t overlook the advantage of combining great food with relaxing activities beforehand. How about a stroll through Cardiff Bay or even a bicycle ride which is guaranteed to work up an appetite! This is a great idea for Sunday dates- especially on a great spring or summer day. If you are somewhat of a nature lover, this could also be a great opportunity to show your date some sights of Cardiff they may be unfamiliar with. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, or even a sweat, refuel at one of the many restaurants throughout Cardiff. For a delicious, simple meal there are franchises such as Pizza Express and Bella Italia or for a more hearty and traditional meal, why not try one of the many great pubs that offer traditional pub meals? For evening dates, the city has a number of modern bar/eateries that will provide you with great food and drinks-potentially the perfect ending to a great day.

For some grown-up, cheeky fun, Cardiff is home to a number of comedy clubs, including the Glee Club located at Mermaid Quay. If you don’t embarrass easily and desire a somewhat musical date night, why not check out some of the many karaoke bars, including the regular karaoke night held at TigerTiger at the Friary. For something a little more relaxed, visit the Red Dragon Centre which is home to a myriad of entertainment from live shows, crafts, bowling, a cinema, casino and a number of different eateries. However, it is important to not overlook the entertainment that the city itself can bring. Cardiff is home to some of the most beautiful architecture and scenery in the UK, including Cardiff castle which is situated near to the city centre. For those who are interested in history, why not visit the castle and museum before a spot of lunch in the heart of the city?

No matter your age, likes or dislikes, you are guaranteed to find a great date location in Cardiff. With a wide range of bars, clubs, eateries and entertainment to choose from, you may not struggle to find the ideal thing to do on your date in Cardiff, but in actual fact, may struggle to pick just one thing!

Dating In Southampton

Dating In Southampton


If you are looking for love, then Southampton is as good a place as any. The city is modern and vibrant, with a wealth of venues for really great dates. Located on the south coast of the country, Southampton may not have all the romance and elegance of Paris but it does have a great range of things to do to make sure that your next date is truly unforgettable. If you’ve run out of dating ideas in Southampton, take a look at this guide for some inspiration.

1. Take a trip to the seaside. Southampton is really close to the sea so why not take your date on a tour of the beach! All you need is a yummy picnic and a bit of sunshine and you’re away. If you time it right you might even get to see the impressive annual boat show, just make sure your date likes this kind of thing!

2. If you’re looking for entertainment then take a trip to Leisure World for all your entertainment needs under one roof. Located on Quay Road, this venue is known as the city’s entertainment capital and houses a bar, nightclub, bowling alley and large cinema. Here you won’t be stuck for things to do and you are sure to have fun together!

3. If theatre culture is your thing then head to the buzzing Mayflower Theatre on Commercial Road. Or you could try the Gantry Arts Centre if art is more your thing. If you’re both fans of culture then you are sure to have plenty to bond over at either of these venues.

4. For history fans, Southampton is the perfect location. There are plenty of must-see landmarks and museums to explore so you won’t be at a loss for interesting things to do and see. The Tudor House Museum is a good one for history buff and so is The Medieval Merchants House; just beware as this is thought to be the most haunted building in all of Southampton!

5. For all of those sea lovers, Southampton has some great maritime offerings on hand. If you don’t time it right to catch the famed Southampton Boat Show then just a romantic walk down the marina is enough to make any date memorable.

6. To sample some of the culinary delights straight from the sea, then there are some great seaside restaurants to try. There’s Ross Burden’s Waterfront Restaurant which has a great range of delicious seafood delights on offer, but for the more budget-conscious there are plenty of kiosks such as the Seafood Terrace and the famous Guinness Bar.

7. After the sun’s gone down, the nightlife in Southampton really does come to life. The city boasts traditional pubs, funky pubs and great music venues so there is something for anyone. For some great haunts check out The Angel of the South, Bent Brief and the Crown are some of the best drinking spots in the city. Going to a bar is a really great way to extend a date late into the night!

8. For all you foodies, there are some great places to eat in Southampton. Bella Pasta is a great place to go if you both love Italian food or The Oxford Brasserie for some excellent French cuisine. If you go here then be sure to sample the fish as this is the restaurant’s speciality. La Esquina is great for Spanish food and if you are some intimacy and romance then head to The Beacon.

Hopefully these tips have given you some great ideas for your next date. If you are still looking for that special person then why not try dating in Southampton on You’ve Pulled- the online dating and chat site for UK singles. Join up free today!

Dating in Birmingham

Dating In Birmingham


The first date can be one of the most exciting yet frightening experiences within your relationship history. Although there is the buzz surrounding meeting someone new and potentially starting a new relationship, the future of your relationship may be crushed if your first date does not go to plan. You can attempt to ask the help of your friends but often, you can either be provided with unfeasible solutions or worse, can become victim to their taunts and jokes.

Birmingham is a great place in which to meet new people as not only is it filled with culture, history and entertainment, but it is packed full of great locations for a first date. However, in order to make your date a success, paying attention to some of the do’s and don’ts of dating in Birmingham can do you in good steed:

Don’t Rely on the Cinema

If you and your date share a love for the cinema, it can be a great location for a date, but refrain from relying on it as a first date location. Birmingham has a number of great cinemas that present some new and classic films but sitting in the dark, unable to converse with one another will not help in getting to know your date effectively. If the cinema is something that your date would thorough enjoy, opt to start the night somewhere else where some conversation can be had, before venturing to the cinema for a film that will cater for both tastes.

Do Consider the Beauty of Quiet Café’s

Although Birmingham is filled with a number of chic and modern cafes and eateries, do not disregard the beauty and quirkiness of some of the more tranquil and smaller establishments. Canalside Café, located on Gas Street, is in close proximity to the city centre, and boasts a quaint cottage appearance. Not only is this quirky little pub a popular place to stop for a drink after a long walk through the city, but the interesting décor is guaranteed to help with any dry spells in your conversation!

Don’t Resort to Clubbing

For the young clubber, Birmingham is filled with nightclubs and bars that offer great drink deals, a fantastic atmosphere and some of the most popular tunes of the moment. However, not only can a club be an awkward place to take a first date if you have only just met, it can also be somewhat embarrassing if you are a less an average dancer. If clubbing is something you desperately want to do, save this for a later date (maybe date 5 or 6) and arrange for friends of both parties to join in on the fun.

Do Remember the Benefits of Culture

Like other cities across the UK, Birmingham is home to an abundance of culture, from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the trendy Jewellery Quarter and depending on the time of year, the many festivals that are held throughout the city. For a unique and fun date idea, why not arrange to attend the bus tours that go throughout the city? Even if you are both born and bred Brummies, you will be amazed as to the many new and unfound attractions you will find and as you drive through the city; you will have a chance to share stores.

Don’t Forget the Power of Good Food

No matter what your likes and dislikes may be, you cannot go wrong with a good meal. Even if you are wishing to make it a special and unforgettable first date, even choosing a restaurant new to your date can help in making your date a success. Do not forgo the many delicious curry houses the city has to offer, along with many hidden cafes, Italian, Chinese and Thai restaurants throughout Birmingham. You are guaranteed to find the right eatery for even the pickiest of dates.

When it comes to your first date in Birmingham, the best advice is to go with your first gut instinct. Although you can’t go wrong with asking your date what their likes and dislikes are prior to your date, choosing date ideas that reflect your likes and dislikes is also a great way to show your date what you’re all about.

Dating In Sheffield

Dating In Sheffield


Sheffield is a great place to date if you are young and looking for love. The demographic of the city is heavily weighted towards the 18-24 year old age group and the large population of young people in the area makes the steel city a really vibrant, fun place to be. This area of South Yorkshire is jam packed with students, most of which are heavily into their music and this is why Sheffield has such a rich music scene. If you want to make love blossom in this city, then why not take a look at some of these great dating ideas.

1. Live music. For most students or locals in the area, music is a big part of everyday and with Sheffield’s thriving music industry it makes sense to visit one of the many live music venues in the area. If you are both young and into live music then a date to see an up and coming band or even your favourite band is perfect. Sheffield hosts a lot of gigs so there is bound to be someone you can go and see on your date night. Check out The Leadmill for hot up and coming bands, Corporation for alternative bands, The Boardwalk for Blues or Folk music or The Green Room for more folk and some jazz. Other venues include Trippers, The Grapes and the Casbah.

2. If music isn’t your bag then why not visit one of Sheffield’s many bars and pubs. If you are a student and on a budget then go to Sheffield University’s Student Union. Bar One is a great union, full of atmosphere and cheap drinks, you could even go to The Raynor Lounge.

3. If you want something a bit more upmarket then take a stroll on to Division Street or West Street for a wealth of eating and drinking hot spots. For even more options try The Golden Mile on Ecclesall Road. If you’re looking for something out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre then there are some great little spots in the countryside on the outskirts of the city. For great food and drink in cosy surroundings try Chequers at Froggat Edge, Fox House, The Moorlands at Owler Bar.

4. If you’re seeking culture then Sheffield can definitely deliver. The Tudor Square theatre complex is the largest venue outside of London. The Crucible Theatre is a great date night out for theatre lovers or you could catch one of the many sporting events that are held in the venue. The Lyceum Theatre is a slice of pure history, just the building alone is impressive. Sheffield’s cultural scene is a sure-fire hit for any date!

5. If you want to take in some romantic surroundings with your date then head straight to Sheffield’s Winter Gardens and the Peace Gardens for a stroll. Here you can experience a beautiful moment of nature within the cosmopolitan city, perfect for a first date.

6. If you and your date are the sporty sorts then make your way to either Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium or Sheffield Arena. Here you can enjoy football, rugby, basketball and even ice hockey, a great chance to really get your blood pumping and bond over a love of sport!

7. If a busy city centre isn’t your thing or you just want to escape all the hustle and bustle for one night then why not head to the Peak District. Explore the rugged moorland, rolling hills and dales and leafy forests for some of the country’s finest scenery; all just a few miles out of the city centre.

Dating in Sheffield never has to be boring again with these great tips, but if you are still struggling to find that perfect someone then why not try dating in Sheffield on You’ve Pulled- the online dating and chat site for UK singles. Join up free today!

Dating In Nottingham

Dating In Nottingham


The city of Nottingham has a lot going for it; it’s a really lively city, packed full of great dating venues. The best thing about the city is that it is easy to get around with all the best dating spots just a short walk away from each other. If you are dating in the Nottingham area and in need of some ideas how to really impress that special someone, then this guide can get your creative juices flowing.

1. Visit Chapel Quarter. This area is relatively new and is a great place to take your date if you’re looking for top notch dating. Chapel Quarter is where all the premier restaurants are located; choose from Loch Fyne, French Living, Zizzi and Pizza Express to name but a few for something for everyone. Chapel Quarter also houses the Playhouse and the Theatre and Concert Hall so you can enjoy an evening of culture as well as some really excellent food.

2. Take your date for a stroll through the historic Lace Market for a really romantic evening. Walk along the nostalgic cobbled streets and take in the stunning architecture and surroundings. While your there make sure you pop in to the deconsecrated Unitarian Church which has now been converted into a popular Pitcher and Piano Bar.

3. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary then head to Hockley Village. Often referred to as the ‘Soho of Nottingham’, this area is home to tow art house cinemas, Broadway Cinema and the Screen Room. Here you can enjoy a night of art and culture, the perfect place to have a cultural conversation with your date.

4. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city then head to the Castle area. It offers tranquil surroundings all set in the shadow of the iconic Castle. Here you can sample some fine ales in some of the oldest pubs in England such as the Salutation Inn, The Castle and the notorious Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem to name but a few. If you want a more up market dining experience then you are only a street away from the award winning World Service Restaurant where you can treat your date to an á la carte menu of modern British cuisine.

5. For those who like to get involved in the buzz of a city then head to Old Market Square in the heart of Nottingham. Here you can sample the lively atmosphere of the city and choose from a variety of bars and restaurants. For those who know what they like there are plenty of your favourite chain restaurants such as Bella Italia, Slug and Lettuce, Hogs Head, Nandos and Walkabout. There are also a lot of hidden gems to be discovered in this area and plenty of open air events and live concerts to attend.

6. For all you culture vultures out there, make your way to Theatre Square for a night of high-end vibrant culture. Nottingham’s Theatre, the Concert Hall and The Cornerhouse are all in one place so the entertainment options are boundless! And, if you’re feeling really lucky and the date is going well why not visit the exclusive Alea Casino to find out if your luck is really in!

Now you are armed with plenty of great dating options in Nottingham, all you need is that special date! If you still haven’t found that special someone, why not try dating in Nottingham on You’ve Pulled- the online dating and chat site for UK singles. Join free today!