How Summer Lovin’ Benefits Your Wellbeing

It’s a scientific fact that sunny weather can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Getting away from it all on a summer vacation is beneficial for reducing stress levels and decreasing the risk of chronic health conditions. Throw in some hot summer lovin’ and you’ll also boost happiness and improve overall enjoyment of life.

Rediscover yourself

Balmy, lazy summer days offer unlimited opportunities to connect with your curious inner child, to get up close to nature, and to experience more fun and joy. The summer season also encourages you to re-cultivate a sense of awe and wonder, and to express yourself authentically.

Take time out to smell the roses, to dip your toes in refreshing waters, and to generally kick back and go with the flow. Smiling at strangers could easily lead to carefree conversation and much more.

When you’re open to viewing life with fresh eyes, you’ll align with experiences that elevate your good mood. You’ll also attract the attention of potential candidates for your affection, when you’re feeling happy and simply glowing.

Carefree body confidence

As the weather warms up, we naturally think about stripping off and wearing less clothing. For some people, the idea of showing off more skin can trigger feelings of self-doubt and negative, critical thoughts.

As self-esteem is directly associated with how much importance and worth we place on certain aspects of ourselves or our life, it’s vital that you learn to appreciate your amazing body for all that it allows you to do.

This summer, instead of focusing on how you look, relax and connect to how you ‘feel’. Enjoy the warmth of the sun caressing your bare skin, and take a moment to notice the positive impact that it has on your feel-good endorphins.

Let go of the negative habit of body comparison, and accept that you’re perfect just as you are. Love the things about your body that make you fabulously unique.

Practicing self-love, by treating yourself with care and respect at all times, will help you re-evaluate what’s actually important in life, and teach you how to shift your perspective so that your self-confidence naturally shines.

Express your sensuality

Give yourself permission to fully express your sensuality by being more sexually open. On You’ve Pulled you can easily connect with sexy strangers from all over the UK, and enjoy flirtatious conversations via phone or text chat.

You can post your favourite selfie on your profile, and invite friendly singles to pay you body confidence compliments. Dare yourself to flirt outrageously with hot guys and girls, if you’re bi-curious and feeling sexually playful.

Expressing your sensuality is a liberating experience that can enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Feeling safe and comfortable expressing who you are as a sexual being is greatly empowering.

Once you’re feeling sexually confident, you’ll be motivated to arrange a hot first date with someone you fancy on You’ve Pulled, or to hook up for a steamy NSA one-night stand.

Holiday romance perks

The summer season makes people feel relaxed and happy. Whether you’re spending sunny days at home or away, having a holiday romance is officially wellbeing beneficial. A summer fling is a stress-free adventure with no pressure to be more serious than a succession of NSA one-night stands, or a mutually agreed sexual liaison that lasts only as long as your getaway.

A summer romance offers you a chance to experiment sexually. You can discover what you like and dislike in the bedroom, and also what you do and don’t want in a potential long-term love relationship with someone else.

Puckering up for a steamy smooch with a sexy stranger, who’s not your usual type, is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence. Kissing triggers your brain to release a cocktail of pleasure igniting chemicals that leave you feeling euphoric. As the happy hormones reduce your cortisol levels, your self-worth feelings enjoy a boost. The rush of oxytocin that floods your system also decreases anxiety and increases relaxation and wellbeing.

Because you know that your time together is brief, spontaneous and uncomplicated, you’ll want to make the most of every holiday romance second by living in the present. Since summer flings typically have an agreed expiry date, you’re likely to discover that you want to do things you would never have otherwise considered. The warm weather will encourage you to enjoy a variety of interesting and exciting outdoor activities, and passionate, sexy moments that linger long into the night.

As your holiday comes to an end, take some time to ponder over the memories you’ve created during your summer lovin’ fling. Having a summer lover can be beneficial in helping you to realise if you’re genuinely ready to search for Mr/Ms Right and to start a new relationship. Alternatively, you may decide that you’re happier staying single for a while, and enjoying unlimited flirty and erotic chat encounters with friendly strangers on You’ve Pulled.


How To Be More Socially Confident

Confident in dating

There’s a lot that you can do to improve your self-image and be more socially confident, if you’re someone who often feels awkward making small talk. Social confidence isn’t something that everyone is born with. It’s a skill that can be developed with regular practice, and mastered in public at every social engagement and interaction opportunity.

Chatting and flirting with friendly singles from all over the UK, on You’vePulled, is a fun and easy way to exercise your social skills. Building confidence requires patience, commitment and dedication, as well as compassionate and kind self-talk. Taking baby steps, towards your goal of becoming socially confident in any situation, will also help you feel more self-assured.

Shyness vs social anxiety

It’s common to feel some level of nervousness before, during, or after social situations. Meeting new people, introducing yourself, going on a date or a job interview, and feeling pressured to make small talk are everyday situations that can make many people feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Having a healthy relationship with yourself will help you identify if you’re naturally shy, a little nervous, or if social anxiety is what blights your confidence. If feeling awkward in social situations becomes more extreme, you could be diagnosed with the mental health condition of clinical social anxiety, which will benefit from professional help.

Confidence boosting practical strategies

There are many effective practical strategies that you can use every day to build social confidence over time.

To help manage nervousness before a social event, it’s a good idea to do some homework. Ease feelings of nervousness by finding out as much as you can about the details of the event you’re attending, so that you know what to expect in advance. The information can also be useful in helping you to plan ahead, and to create a mental list of topics you can refer to when you’re lost for words.

Even if you’ve taken the time to prepare with care, there may be occasions when the unexpected happens. Reframing how you usually view uncertainty will help you manage pangs of social anxiety that can creep up on you in unpredictable situations.

Shift your perspective

Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Imagine yourself swapping roles with your super confident best friend, the most charismatic person in the room, or your favourite celebrity. Now give yourself permission to act like your playing the part of someone who’s naturally relaxed in any situation… Notice how your confidence level rises, once you let go of limiting self-belief and self-doubts.

Regularly engaging in positive affirmations will help to support your self-confidence boosting journey. Make it a habit to practice positive self-talk instead of the usual self-criticism that you’ve grown accustomed to speaking and hearing.

Be inspired by famous sports stars and speak motivating words out loud, in the privacy of your personal space, as you visualise yourself achieving your desired outcome in a social environment. See yourself bagging your dream job, a second date, or achieving something great at any event that makes you feel anxious just thinking about it. Soak up those feel-good moments that make your confidence soar.

While you’re practicing what you can say to be more socially confident, it’s also important to pay attention to the physical clues that your body displays in public. Body language makes up 55% of communication impact, with tone of voice claiming 38% and verbal just 7%.

Enhance social confidence by adjusting your posture so that your spine is straight, shoulders are pulled back and your head is raised in perfect alignment. Avoid defensively crossing your arms, and nervous fidgeting. To appear more confident in social situations, make eye contact and speak in a clear voice at a volume others can easily hear.

You’re not the only one

Although feelings of shyness, awkwardness and social anxiety can be isolating, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person on the planet that feels this way.

Take comfort in the fact that the person you’re talking to may also lack social confidence, and feel just as anxious as you during certain interactions. The next time that you’re socialising, show off your best genuine smile, and implement the practical strategies that you’ve been practicing every day.

If you need an extra confidence boost before a social occasion, practice your confidence boosting techniques while chatting to a friendly stranger on You’ve Pulled. Improving your social skills and confidence is a lot more fun when you’re flirting with someone you fancy, while not feeling under any pressure.


5 Sexy Fun Things To Try This Year

Whether you’re free and single, or coupled up in a romantic relationship, sex is an intimate experience that should be creative and exciting. If the adult fun activity has become boring and predictable, it’s time to reignite the spark. So read our 5 sexy fun things to try this year and learn some hot new moves for 2024.

  1. Master masturbation

There’s more to masturbation than sexually stimulating your genitals in private. Solo sex is the perfect way to learn new techniques, discover what turns you on, and to upgrade the way that you experience pleasure.

In 2024, prepare to let go of your inhibitions and the ‘masturbating is weird’ mindset, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-pleasuring and sexual liberation. Erotically exploring your body can help you relieve stress and tension, achieve intense sexual arousal, and reach orgasmic climax much quicker. Mastering masturbation can also improve your sexual confidence with a partner.

  1. Enjoy some sexual healing

While quickie sex can certainly be exciting and thrilling, there’s a lot to be enjoyed from the experience of slowing down the pace of intimacy. Having a long and lingering ‘we’ve got all the time in the world’ session can be mind-blowing and healing.

With no time limits, you can more deeply explore each other’s bodies and ask for whatever you like. Introducing a few tantric moves, like gazing into your lover’s eyes, engaging all five senses, and incorporating massage techniques heightens the intensity of the intimate encounter. The yab-yum full embrace, tantric sex position is also worth trying, if you want to feel truly connected to your partner.

  1. Have sense-ational sex

For an OMG sexual experience, make your senses work overtime by using props and sex toys that deprive one sense at a time. Slip a blindfold on to heighten the excitement of tantalising touch, or wear noise-cancelling headphones to upgrade the visual focus. You can also introduce hot and cold, and soft and hard elements to the sense-ational sex session.

It’s fun to experiment with a variety of accessories and gadgets, and to switch roles with your partner. Role-play fantasy games and kinky sex practices like BDSM will take your sexual experimenting to the next level.

  1. Reinvent your fave sex moves

Mix things up by putting a spin on your favourite sex positions.

Enjoy intimate privacy in the smallest room, while experimenting with slippery shower and sink sex. Or try standing doggie while you make out in a cosy walk-in wardrobe or cupboard. Modifying your fave tried-and-tested sex positions can even result in deeper penetration and multiple orgasms.

While alternating your sex moves, it’s also great to switch up the stimulation and to use your fingers, tongue and other body parts to arouse your lover. Give head-to-toe missionary a go, and sexy positions that activate a G-spot orgasm.

If quickie time is limited, using plenty of good quality lube will help you orgasm much faster.

  1. Hook up for NSA sex

On You’vePulled, you can instantly connect with hot and horny guys and girls that would love to hook up with you for naughty NSA sex. You can chat, flirt and date friendly singles from all over the UK.

If you’re not looking for the One, it can be a lot of fun to date multiple people at the same time. It’s always best to be honest and open about your dating preferences, and not to lead anyone on with empty promises. When you click with someone you fancy, on the busy mobile dating platform, let them know that you’re only interested in sexy fun. Don’t be surprised to find that your POI shares your point of view, as more and more singles are choosing to keep their options open these days.

Make a date, and hook up for a one-night stand with a sexy stranger that you’ve pulled. Practice your flirting and seduction techniques, and experiment with turn-on tactics that guarantee one-on-one pleasure.

Having a casual approach to dating, this year, will boost your chances of getting lucky and laid. And discovering what works best for your love life.




How To Become Irresistibly Dateable

Confident, charismatic and enigmatic people are not born with special powers that instantly mesmerise others and attract good luck, a great romantic partner, and all the best opportunities. These irresistibly dateable men and women simply believe in themselves and trust that they’re worthy of receiving respect, love and affection that’s unconditional and unlimited.

On You’vePulled, you can chat, flirt with and date singles in your area that are looking to connect with an irresistibly dateable person like you!

If you want to able to confidently walk into a room and have everyone gaze in your direction and vie for your attention, just follow our practical steps…

Be friendly

People who smile warmly and engage others with a friendly “hello” are naturally irresistible. A genuine smile is a priceless asset, and a signal that you’re approachable.

Even if you’re shy or lacking in self-confidence, being friendly to others is totally doable. Every day, challenge yourself to greet everyone that you meet on the street with a smile. If you’re not usually much of a smiler, grinning at strangers may make you feel a little silly at first. But it only takes one person to smile back to show you that the effort is worth it.

And if you’re dating online, make sure that your up-to-date profile photo shows off your most dazzling smile. Sending a cheeky ‘wink’ or an icebreaker message is the equivalent of saying a friendly “hi”.

Ooze good vibes

Once you’ve got someone’s attention, with a killer smile that lights up your entire face, it’s time to let your good vibes work their magic.

An irresistible person oozes positive good vibes. People are magnetically drawn to their high vibrational energy, and want to spend time basking in their invisible glow.

To raise your vibe, it’s essential that you dump all negativity. You may need to shift your mindset, adjust your limiting self-beliefs, and tweak your critical self-talk. Letting go of self-sabotaging behaviour is also crucial, if you want to ensure that your magnetic aura is shiny and pristine.

You’ll know that you’ve raised your vibe sufficiently, when you find that people are inexplicably transfixed by your words, charm, sense of humour, or natural beauty.

Be mysterious

Having an air of mystery is undeniably attractive. If you’re an open book, there’s little to maintain anyone’s interest beyond the initial intrigue of discovering who you are, what you do, and your personality type.

Being mysterious keeps people on their toes. Because they have to work harder to gain your interest, favour and trust, you automatically become more alluring, unique and special to someone who is attracted to you.

Whether you’re chatting and flirting with sexy strangers on You’vePulled, or connecting to new people in person, hold back from offering up too much personal information. Keep them coming back for more by sharing a few juicy titbits and leave them guessing. Someone who’s seriously into you will view you as a catch, and will love the challenge of pursuing you to get to know you on a deeper level.

Believe in yourself

Irresistible people walk with their head held high. Their self-confidence is admirable and enticing.

People who master self-belief are strong, independent and resilient, and know how to bounce back from the challenges of life with renewed confidence and purpose every time. To improve your self-belief, as an irresistibly dateable person, it’s vital that you practice self-love, conquer your limiting beliefs, and take full credit for your achievements.

Get into the habit of bigging yourself up on a regular basis. Recognise and value your self-worth and your abilities, and be proud of who you are.

Be the real deal

While it’s great to be super confident, smart, funny, intelligent and sexy, the most appealing quality that anyone can have is authenticity.

When you’re authentic and genuine, there’s nothing fake about you. You’ll be naturally irresistible to everyone around you, regardless of whether you like it or not. Your captivating charm, admirable confidence and pure magnetism will make people gravitate towards you, and want to date you. They’ll also wonder what your secret is.

Date Ideas

5 Places To Meet A Hot Valentine’s Date

5 Places To Meet A Hot Valentine’s Date
A young couple having a conversation on a bench in the street

Affectionately known as the month of love, February honours St Valentine’s Day and encourages couples everywhere to enjoy a little romance. If you’re single, you don’t have to feel left out this year. There are plenty of places where you can meet a potential Valentine’s date, if you’re interested in flirting and dating. So, here are our top 5 places to meet a hot Valentine’s date!

On the free to join mobile dating site You’vePulled you can instantly connect with singles all over the UK. It’s the perfect place to practice your flirting techniques and seduction skills, in time for a hot Valentine’s date.

To maximise your chances of being lucky in love, it’s a good idea to also take advantage of other local places where you can meet a sexy stranger for an exciting casual hookup or a romantic night out on the town…

Check Out Local Events

If you’re not keen on making a Valentine’s Day connection the old fashioned way, by hanging out in bars and nightclubs, there are plenty of alternative pick up venues in your local area.

At speed dating and networking events everyone is open to chatting, flirting and getting to know each other. You can approach new people with confidence and potentially build good friendships. You could also end up with your ideal match and a blossoming relationship!

Check out what’s going on in your area, and attend all the social events that are Singles-only. If there’s not a great deal happening in your neck of the woods, it’s worth venturing to a neighbouring town that has good amenities and entertainment options. You could click with a hot single in a place that celebrates the local Arts scene, at a comedy club, or while watching your favourite band playing a gig.

It’s also a good idea to research local hobby groups to find out where like-minded people go to hang out.

Go Shopping

If you’re not a technophobe, there’s always a chance that you could find a love match whilst browsing the latest software, gadgets, and other geeky stuff in the local shopping mall. Don’t be shy about asking the hottest guy in the store for advice or a recommendation.

If you’re a bookworm, the local bookstore is definitely worth checking out, if you’re looking to meet an eligible single that shares your love of literature.

Your future hot handy man could also be lurking right under your nose in the local DIY and home maintenance store.

Sign Up For A Class

Signing up for an adult class, in a subject that interests you, is s smart way to connect with singles near you.

Besides learning something new, you’ll also have an opportunity to socialise and make connections with interesting people who share your interests. You could find a hot study buddy at a writer’s or photography workshop, at cooking or mixology classes, or while learning a foreign language. If you sign up for an art class, you could even get lucky and meet a hot model that poses in the buff.

Join A Health Club

Boost your self-confidence and body image, by joining a local health club or gym. You’ll have no trouble spotting the eligible hotties hanging out in the weights room or using the cardio machines. You can even book one-on-one time with a sexy personal trainer who’s keen to give you their tips.

Make Virtual Connections

If you live somewhere remote or there’s just not much scope for hooking up with a hot Valentine’s date in your local area, don’t despair. It’s super easy to make virtual connections with singles online.

On the mobile dating platform You’vePulled you can join and search for free, send flirty DMs or text messages, and chat on the phone for hours with friendly singles nationwide. You can even make arrangements to meet someone you fancy on a romantic Valentine’s date!


Is It Love Or Lust?

When you’re having fun chatting to friendly and flirty new friends, on the mobile dating site You’vePulled, it’s super easy to get caught up in the excitement of making instant connections.
Once you ‘click’ with someone you fancy you may be surprised by how quickly your interactions progress online. Sending a cheeky wink, engaging in flirtatious banter and reciprocal personal emails, and making first date plans can take no time at all!
Whilst you’re thrilled at the prospect of hooking up with the hot guy or girl that you’re into in a big way, you may not have considered what’s driving the connection.
Is it genuine romantic feelings (that could blossom into love) that you’re experiencing? Or is it lust for NSA carnal pleasure and gratification?

What’s On Your Mind?

Because love and lust activate similar neural pathways in the brain, it can be difficult to discern which state you’re in. For dating success, it’s vital that you’re honest with yourself about what you’re looking for, in terms of an emotional connection, intimacy and sex.
If you’re chatting with new people on You’vePulled to fill a void and to expand your social life, you may be quite happy to keep communication strictly platonic and online.
If you’re craving passion and a NSA rendezvous with a sexy stranger, dating exclusively and falling in love is probably the last thing that you plan to do.
However, if you long for companionship that grows naturally over time and you’re interested in exploring the dating scene, love is likely to be your primary focus, when you’re checking out the member profiles on You’vePulled.
Having an open-minded approach allows you to explore multiple options, and to decide what you want to do with them. If you don’t want to gain a reputation for being a player, it’s always best to take your time before you dive into any type of romantic or sexually charged experience with someone new. Let the other person know what you’re hoping for from the connection, and where you draw the line.

It’s Purely Lust

Lust is an intense attraction and a desire to get to know someone sexually. When you’re exchanging flirty messages with lots of hot singles, on a safe, secure and discreet dating platform, it’s easy to get carried away and to have lustful thoughts. As your hormones are on fire, you may not be thinking with your brain, and you could make hasty decisions that you later regret.
If you’re looking for casual connections, and plenty of steamy sex, you’re probably lost in lust.
You’re likely to:
• Love bomb the object of your affection
• Feel intensely driven to send explicit messages
• Want to exchange naughty photos
• Dream about tearing your POI’s clothes off
• Desire to hook up on a date that promises sexual gratification
For you, it’s probably unlikely that you will want the sexy fling to turn into something more.

It Could Be Love

Love is a complex emotion that can involve friendship, attraction, passion, chemistry, lust, and a whole lot more. You can fall for someone at first sight, or take forever to realise that they’re the One for you.
You can also love someone you’re not sexually attracted to, and be sexually compatible with someone for whom you have no love feelings. And you can be deeply head over heels or completely infatuated.
Genuine love is something that creeps up on you, when you least expect it. When you feel like your world has been transformed by your POI, it’s probably love that you’re sensing. When this happens you want to spend very moment with this person, lashing attention on them. During the attraction phase, you feel energised and can easily go without eating or sleeping. As the bond deepens, you form a loving attachment that involves affection, trust, and acceptance of each other.

It’s love when:
• Every thought you have involves your POI
• You want to be close to them all the time.
• Butterflies dance in your stomach
• You’re not sleeping or eating well

Instead of trying to define the connection that you’re establishing with someone that you’re chatting to on You’vePulled, relax and enjoy the experience. There’s no rush to give what you’re feeling a label, and to put it in a ‘love’ or ‘lust’ box. Allow things to unfold naturally and see what develops. You could find that the states of love and lust fluctuate before you’re ready to give it all you’ve got. Enjoying the flirting experience should help you identify which of the two intimacy options most appeals to you.


5 Reasons Why Singles Have More Fun

For the first time in history, there are more single people than married couples worldwide. While being in love can be absolutely amazing, embracing the single life can offer you a richly rewarding experience too!

Society and popular culture may have you believing that you need to be one half of a couple to feel happy and whole. But it’s a myth that you need anyone to make your life joyous and fun. After all, you are the person in charge of creating your own happiness.

If you’ve been single for a while, and you’re not enjoying this lifestyle experience, perhaps it’s time to shift your perspective…

You can chat, flirt and message thousands of single people just like you on the You’vePulled mobile dating platform. Getting to know other singles, in your area and nationwide, can open up a new social life, offer countless dating opportunities, and alter your entire viewpoint of singledom. It can also highlight how being independent and unattached is much more fun than you may think!

  1. You Live And Play By Your Rules

As a single person, you do not have to answer to anyone, or to take responsibility for others. You have complete freedom to live your life by your own rules.

There’s no need to pretend that you want to do stuff, just to keep your partner sweet. It’s also not an issue how you choose to spend your time or money. You can eat the food you like, and enjoy activities that please you. Plus, you can have your own way all of the time.

To make your experience of single living more fun, consider trying new things that require you to step out of your comfort zone. Dare yourself to sign up for an evening class, a workshop, or sports activitiy that you have wanted to try out for some time. Join a local club or team, and explore your passion for a hobby. As you’re acquiring new skills and knowledge, you’ll also meet like-minded people who can become new friends that share your interests.

  1. You Can Focus On Your Career

More personal growth and development is available, if you’re single and your time is your own. In a relationship, it can be common for one partner to be more career-minded than their lover, which can often be a cause of romantic disharmony.

As a single person you can channel all of your energy into creative projects, building up a business, or advancing your career. No one will mind if you decide to work extra hours. You also don’t have to consider the needs of others, if you’re required to take a business trip. There’s no need to feel guilty simply because you’re putting your career first.

To balance out all of the overtime you’ve been working, you can enjoy social downtime with your co-workers, or mix and mingle with fellow entrepreneurs at networking events. You could even get lucky and connect with people who can open doors of opportunity in your business niche or line of work.

  1. You Can Expand Your Social Circle

People who are in a long-term relationship often make compromises that impact on their social life. One person’s insecurities may make their partner have to choose between hanging out with friends at the weekend or showing a commitment to love. Compromised relationship dynamics could also make you feel constantly under pressure to be on your best behaviour when making polite conversation with a partner’s friends or family members.

As a single person, you call the shots on your social life. You get to choose who you spend time with, where you go, and what you do for entertainment. You can stay in or go out whenever you like, and broaden your social horizons by flirting and chatting to a diverse group of people. And if you fancy hooking up for NSA adult fun, the experience will be absolutely guilt-free.

When you’re single, you have time to develop friendships on a deeper level, and to surround yourself with upbeat, fun and positive people who support your lifestyle choices. You get to choose who you want to invite into your expansive social circle, and you can spend as much time as you want with them.

  1. You’re The Boss

When you’re single and live on your own, your life is likely to be mostly drama free. There’s no bickering over trivial matters or fighting over the TV remote control, and no hurt feelings that you have to try your best to soothe. You’re the boss of your domain, and what you say goes.

If you don’t already have a bucket list, have fun creating a checklist of places you long to visit and experiences that you’d love to enjoy. Embarking on a solo adventure can teach you a great deal about yourself, and introduce you to a world that has no social limitations.

  1. You Know Who You Are

As a single person, your primary focus is your self. Spending time alone is greatly beneficial when learning how to love yourself, and exploring what makes you tick.

Having emotional space and freedom also means that you can develop your spirituality without the need to explain yourself. To know who you are at the core, it’s necessary to delve deep into personal matters that impact on your behaviour, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Once you connect with your authentic self, you will never want to compromise on anything. You’ll feel inspired to create a life that is uniquely your own based on your priorities, values, passions and interests. And of course, because your authentic self is so awesome, you’ll effortlessly attract your perfect love match, should you want one.

Date Ideas

How To Be A 1st Class Date

Happy Dating coupleConnecting with thousands of people, just like you, is fun and free to do on our easy to use You’vePulled mobile dating site. Once you’ve messaged, texted, flirted, and phone chatted with a sexy single that you have a crush on, you’ll obviously want to arrange a date.

On a hot first date, the impression that you make should definitely be memorable and enticing, if you want to be in with a chance of progressing to date number 2.

Follow our practical tips, to instantly upgrade your dating style, from average to 1st class…

Set An Intention

While you’re grooming and getting ready to finally meet your POI, on a first date, it really helps to think about how you would like the encounter to pan out.

Visualise the two of you relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, with conversation that flows effortlessly and naturally. Set the intention to be present and attentive, and to enjoy a fun and memorable experience. Trust that the outcome of the date is highly favourable.

Be Flirtatious

Body language plays a huge part in how another person perceives you. Greet your date with a smile and a friendly approach. There will be plenty of time for flirtatious play, as you build a rapport and establish a connection.

Pay attention to your date’s body language, and mirror it discreetly. Smile and laugh when they do, and use eye contact to make an intense nonverbal statement. Lean in slightly to let your date know that you’re interested. If they respond with a gentle, playful touch on your arm, it’s a sign that they’re interested in you too!

Be Interested & Interesting

The more interested you appear in your date, the more interested in you they will be. Talk about a variety of date-friendly topics, and use humour to make your date feel relaxed and at ease. Engage them in conversation that is enthralling and entertaining. If you know a subject/topic well, it’s fine to share your knowledge. But avoid being boastful, and be mindful that you don’t dominate the entire conversation.

When listening to your date talk about their interests, pay attention and ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Show Off Good Manners

While appearance and attitude certainly go a long way towards impressing and influencing your date’s opinion of you, good manners are equally important.

First off, ensure that you practice good personal hygiene and grooming habits. It’s essential that you’re respectful at all times. Avoid fiddling with your clothes or hair, or using exaggerated hand gestures when you’re conversing. Talking with your mouth full, picking your nose, and being rude and crude, are unacceptable and instant turn-offs.

Old-school chivalry, like holding a door open for your date, walking on the outside of the pavement, and standing up when a woman stands, are still widely considered to be charming habits that create a lasting, and positive, first impression.

Give Sincere Compliments

Women love to feel good about their appearance. Paying your date sincere compliments about the way she looks, or the way she acts, will make her feel special. Telling her that she has an intelligent mind and good conversation skills will earn you double brownie points!

Be Genuine

The best and most effective way of making a great first impression, and creating a connection with someone that you want to get to know, is to simply be yourself. Be friendly and approachable, and be prepared to let your guard down a little. Just be you, and let your personality and charm shine through so that they dazzle and impress your date.

Dating Miscellaneous

5 Chat Topics To Avoid On A First Date

Couple on a first date

Before you embark on meeting up with the sexy stranger you’ve been flirting with and chatting to on the UK’s busiest phone chat line, it’s highly recommended that you consider your potential chat topics. What you chat about on a first date can greatly influence the perception of you that the other person gets, and lead to dating success or failure.

You’ll naturally want to impress your date with your personality, sense of humour, and communication skills. While it’s definitely a good idea to have a repertoire of chat topics, to ensure that the conversation is relaxed and flowing, there are some hot topics that are best avoided…

  1. Dating & Romance Failures

You’ve been busy chatting, texting and flirting with someone who caught your eye on You’ve Pulled’s instant and totally anonymous 24/7 chat line, and now you’re keen to get to know this person better. Exploring common ground and shared experiences is usually where most people start, when trying to build rapport and a connection with someone they like.

As you’ve met on a flirt and date chat line, it makes sense to talk about each other’s past romantic experiences. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with briefly mentioning previous dates who’ve been on, provided that it’s not an endless list. Going into detail and describing past first date disasters, and your impressive ability to pick losers, should also be avoided. Your date also doesn’t want to hear the horror stories and dysfunctional dramas about how crazy your ex was. Save the complaining for conversations with your friends.

A first date is a prime opportunity to get to know someone new without having to dredge up your entire relationship history. Focus instead on discussing your ambitions in life, and your bucket list.

  1. Money

Talking about money is superficial and can make people feel instantly uncomfortable and awkward. Money talk can give the impression that you’re financially motivated (not a good way), or label you a gold digger. If someone’s solvency status is important to you, check out your date’s clothes and grooming habits for hints and clues of their wealth.

First date banter should be light and fun, so swap a serious subject for a topic that makes you smile and laugh. Talk about your favourite comedy shows and movies, and share tales of funny experiences you’d had that will make your date laugh out loud.

  1. Controversial Stuff

There’s no quicker way to spoil the mood on a first date than by bringing up controversial matters like religion and politics. Everyone has unique beliefs and personal values, but a first date is not the occasion to explore these. To avoid having a heated debate, swerve these topics – unless you have a day job as a member of the clergy or a politician, and you have a juicy piece of hot gossip to share.

If you love controversy, talk about subjects that you know really well, and your unusual hobbies. Your date will find it fascinating learning all about something they’ve never experienced.

  1. Sex

If you’re been flirting outrageously on the UK’s busiest phone chat line, there’s a high probability that your banter has had sexual undertones. When you met in person for the first time though, it’s best to skip talking about sex. Talking about it increases the possibility of ending up in bed and having a one-night stand. If you’re keen on this person, that spur-of-the-moment experience may scupper your chances of a second date.

If you don’t want your date to run a mile, don’t chat about your promiscuous past, one-night-conquests and long list of sexual fantasies. Reserve the flirtation for your eye contact and body language, and talk about art, music, travel, and other things you are equally passionate about instead.

  1. You

Yes, it’s great that you’re awesome, super confident and have high self-esteem, but endlessly talking about yourself will make your date feel that you don’t really have time for anyone else. Listening to someone’s self-adulation quickly kills the conversation, and extinguishes any chemistry or spark that may have been igniting.

Create an air of mystery about yourself, and increase your date’s interest in you, by turning the tables and showing undivided attention. Make them feel special by asking thoughtful questions, and actively listening. By the end of your date, they will have a higher opinion of you than if you had babbled on for hours and made the conversation all about you.

Phone Chat

Why Should You Try Our Phone Chat Line?

Brunette woman leaning against a wall smiling whilst chatting on the phoneIt’s 2021 and there are hundreds of different dating apps and sites and ways to chat to other singles, so why should you try a phone chat line?

Chatting on the phone can be a fantastic way to get to know someone.

You can tell a lot about a person through their voice, so by starting your relationship journey on the phone, you’re more likely to be able to tell if you’re compatible, than if you can see a couple of photos and a short paragraph on a screen.

It’s a lot easier to build a connection when you can have a proper phone chat conversation, than just sending loads of written messages as you can get to know the person much better by letting conversation flow.

Our phone chat line is also a great way of seeing someone’s personality and sense of humour.

This is a really important aspect of getting to know someone, whether it’s a friendship or romantic relationship, as you need to be compatible enough to get along easily. By using our great phone chat line, you can tell this pretty quickly, so you won’t be wasting your time messaging someone for weeks, only to learn you aren’t compatible at all.

You’ve Pulled’s long established phone chat line is one of the best around. With hundreds of singles chatting every day, join in the fun on your phone now – you’ve got nothing to lose!